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    My name is Johnna. It's unfathomable how many Joanna, Johanna, Juana, Jonah (yes) I've been called. I've had like 3 people pronounce it right on the first try. It's annoying as hell.
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    This is why I prefer names that aren't easily mispronounced. The only issue I ever had was teachers getting lazy and saying Diane instead of Diana....

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    It doesn't bother me when people mispronounce my name as long as they are willing to listen to me and try to say it right. I don't expect people to be mind readers. I had a lot of teachers who refused to even try, or who would fuss at me or try to embarrass me for having a "weird" name. I do not have a difficult name. I learned early on to say, "It's just like Karen, but with a T instead of a K." Sometimes, with very elderly people, it would be obvious to me that they just couldn't hear me and I would just accept that they were going to call me Karen.

    I feel the same about my son's name- I only get annoyed if people refuse to even try to say his name properly. And I make allowances for people who clearly can't hear what I am saying.

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    My name has 2 pronunciations and I really don't care which one people along the lines of substitute teachers if someone at Starbucks or a bank teller uses the one I don't go by, why bother correcting them! I even went by my "wrong" pronunciation at a job for several years! To me, it's the same name, I corrected people for a bit & let it go when no one caught on!

    As for my daughter, I am upset with myself that I didn't realize her name had multiple pronunciations so I get a bit upset when someone uses the "wrong" one!

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    I go by Katy-- K-A-T-Y...although so many people imagine that there's an invisible "H" in there and call me Kathy. It definitely bothers me but I would never be rude to someone because of it.
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