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    I just have to say, I alo really love the combo : Mary Blythe!! I know a little girl named Mary Blythe, she is precious, and every time I hear her name it just makes me smile!
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    I like all your name choices except Clementine, so I would go with Mary Caroline Blythe and have the fun of making a new list of names for baby #4
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    If we just consider Mary or Caroline which do you prefer? I think that Mary on its own is very plain but Caroline is always classy and noticeable so I would choose Caroline.

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    I love both. I don't generally like Mary but I do when it is paired with something quirky like Clementine. Caroline is a name I have loved for as long as I can remember. I see why you're torn. I think if I had to pick I would go with Caroline because it is not quite as plain on it's own.

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    I like both, and marginally prefer Caroline--but why not take both with you to the hospital and see how you feel when you meet her?!

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