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    Thank you all for the input!

    We're considering bringing the two names to the delivery room and deciding when we meet her (if the baby is a her, that is).

    I see that a lot of people have suggested Mary Caroline as a compromise, but we tend to like quirkier middle names and would like to save the name we don't use for our fourth (and final!) child.

    Thanks again!
    Mom to Teddy and Pip. Naming #3.

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    I think Mary, but I don't think Clementine goes well with it. I like Mary Caroline.

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    Mary over Caroline any day. Simple, strong name. But I don't find Clementine suits Mary very well ? I have to second the people above me who suggested Mary Caroline.

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    I love Mary Clementine. Caroline is a nice name as well, but I prefer Mary. I like your idea of not deciding for certain till you meet her, though!

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    I vote for Caroline Blythe. I think Caroline, Theodore, and Phillip all sound very regal. I really don't care for Caro as a nickname, though.

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