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    Mary is one of my favorite girls names! Mary Clementine is gorgeous. Just enough classic and whimsy together.

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    Most certainly Caroline! Theodore, Philip, and Caroline are striking, regal, and distinguished together. Mary just doesn't look right with Theodore and Philip... not enough letters, maybe?

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    I have loved Caroline a hundred years, I must give it the vote. There's such a regal strength to it. And I like Blythe. Would prefer Callie to Caro though.

    I like Mary but don't like May much or Maisie at all. And dislike Clementine altogether.

    I do think Mary Caroline would be classy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teddy'smom View Post
    Hi all,

    Our baby is due in 2 months, and my husband and I have reached an impasse. I have a name that I absolutely love, and he has a name that he absolutely loves. We both like the name the other loves, but neither of us want to give in. Help!

    My choice: Mary Clementine, "May"/"Maisie"
    My husband's choice: Caroline Blythe, "Caro"

    Big brothers are Theodore "Teddy" and Philip "Pip".

    So, please weigh in! Should we go with Mary or Caroline?

    Thank you!
    Both are quiet clearly gorgeous. Mary Clementine has this really retro, sweetness which is very endearing. Mary sounds lovely with Philip but I honestly think Theodore which is great length clashes the short vintage choice of Mary. In away for this combination to work with Theodore it should be Clementine Mary as Theodore & Clementine work but then you have the same issue concerning Philip as Clementine clashes with Philip. Even though the combination is delightful for me it just doesn't work. Whereas Caroline Blythe does, she has the vintage informality that Philip does along with having the grandeur of Theodore. Caroline has this gorgeous homely southern feel that I adore. I also love the nicknames that surround Caroline (Callie, Carly, Caro, Carrie, and Cara) my favourite being Carly. Caroline is just a great choice and flows so effortlessly with Blythe adding a sense of enchantment onto the combination. Caroline Blythe is so pretty! Love it.

    Also if I was to just look at the first names on their own I would choose Caroline over Mary.

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    I've been thinking of this post all evening and I've decided to vote for Caroline.

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