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    A baby named Lion!?

    So I asked berries about this before. I really like the name Lion. And I am kind of hooked on it. People name their children Bear, Tiger, and even bird breeds so why not Lion? I even have the African Simba tattooed on my leg because I love The Lion King that much (just a side note). But obviously I will not just give him the name Lion. I think about our child's future and what if he grows up hating it or is embarrassed about his name.

    Do you think this is a smart approach? Or just go with naming him Lion? And what names will give us the nick name Lion? Thank you!
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    There is a celebrity who has a young son named Lion, I think it's kind of much for just a stand-alone name. What if your little Lion has a "lamb" personality? I do think Lionel or even a "Leo" name (Leonard, Leopold, Leonidas, Leon, etc.) with the nn Lion could be cool though.

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    Well...I love lions as well and my husband does even more than I do and has a few tattoos that feature lions! We named our daughter Leonie. I like the name Lyon and it makes me think of the book Valley of the Dolls. I think it's wearable. And why not spell it Lion?! I think it can work. I love Leo, Liev (which we would've probably used on a boy), Leon, Leonard...I am not as into Leonardo but Leopold is pretty neat! I think you have a lot of options. For a boy we would've gone for nn Lee.

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    I like it a lot as a nn or middle! It's a bit too out there to be on its own, so I would use it as a nn for Lionel, Leopold, Leonidas, Leonard, Lysander, Linus...even a name with a "lie" sound in it could work, like Elijah, but it would be a bit of a stretch...or use it as a middle name (so it could be a middle/nick name combo) like Alexander Lion.

    I don't know if it would be too weird but I could also see Lion as a nn for Maximilian...maybe that only seems logical to me, though.

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    Personally, I would never use it. But if you love the name then go for it. People will either love it because they've heard other kids with names like "Bear", "Hawk" or "Fox" or they will think it's strange. (Because they love really traditional names).

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