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    Augustin / Augustine / Augustus


    Considering one of these options for an August baby (hence the exclusion of the simpler August - which I love - but don't feel right using it for an August baby). We have chosen a girls name that we adore - Marguerite. Big sister is Eulalie.

    I'd love to hear your personal preference. Also, I'm interested in how you'd pronounce Augustine.

    Other considerations are Frederick, Theodore and Edmund. Please let me know if you think one of these is a better fit.

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    My favourite is Augustus out of the three.

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    Aw, I love Eulalie! It's very rare to see that name.

    Between the Aug- names, Augustin is my favorite though Augustus is right behind. I love all of the other names you have mentioned too.

    Augustin Frederick? Augustin Theodore? Edmund Augustus? The possibilities with these names are great!

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    I like Augustine the best "augus-teen". It fits perfectly with your girl names- uncommon but not unheard of

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    I like Augustus.

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