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    That's just lazy. I hope you're enforcing Persephone; even if the person in question has never heard the name before, Persephone isn't any more difficult than Penelope.

    Anyways, I'm glad to hear Persephone (and you!) are doing well. Congratulations again!
    As someone who can't say the name: Bartholomew, I can feel the pain of people who have problems with saying certain names. I would just make sure they are not being rude/lazy or if they really do have a problem saying the name. If so maybe finding a nickname you like would be a good idea or allow them to call her Willow.

    Also, not to disappoint, but a lot of babies are born with blue eyes that end up changing over time! So they'll likely only be blue if someone in your family has blue eyes (genetics).

    But congratulations! She is adorable

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    I thought I'd been checking the announcements every few did I miss this for so long? I've been waiting!

    Congratulations, Angel! I'm glad the birth went well, and Persephone is adorable. She looks so round and huggable...

    I'm sorry people are having trouble with her name, but maybe it's a hopeful sign that Persephone isn't going mainstream yet as Penelope seems to have done. I would have thought Penelope would pave the way for Persephone, but it's always interesting to see how these things play out in real time and public opinion.

    Congrats again to you and Dad, and best wishes!
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    About the people refusing to say it, no, they're just being lazy. It's mostly my grandfather and their neighbors. They won't even try to say it once. Truth is, they just don't like it and are being stubborn. They'll come around. As for right now, I'm letting them call her Sephy. If my 11 year old sister can say Persephone with her lisp, they can manage. :P

    Her eyes actually aren't blue any longer. The 3rd day after we had her they turned green. They're very dark, olivey green with some dark blue around the edges. They've stayed that color so far so I hope that continues. Dad's eyes are like that, green in the middle, blue on the edges just not as dark so I'm hopeful. My real dad has green eyes also so again, hopeful. ^_^

    Everyone's great too. Thanks for all the well wishing. ^_^ All the doctors and nurses I've seen, once they hear her full name and figure out her first name always say "That's beautiful" so I'm very happy. Nurse on the phone yesterday asked for her first middle name and I told her Elysia and she mumbled really softly "Oh that's gorgeous" ^_^ So happy! -- My Amazon Author Page

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    She is so beautiful and her name is just perfect! Love it! So glad you are both doing well! Enjoy your sweet precious one, they grow fast!
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    Aww! I'm so glad you got that nice compliment! For what it's worth, I think Sephy is kind of a cute little nn, for a baby.

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