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    The first time round I think we started talking names around the end of my first trimester. This time we're talking names and we're still TTC My DH is much happier to talk about names this time, I think one pregnancy was enough to get him used to the idea that baby names are a major fascination for me.
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    We have been discussing names for children ever since we said "I love you". At that point we knew we would get married and we are both family oriented so I couldn't wait to start discussing possibilities with him! I've had names picked out since I was young and surprisingly he has had ideas for children for a long time as well. He's a bit more reserved than I am. If I really like a name that he doesn't like I have to explain my reasoning and he usually comes around (except when the name Eleanor came up, he said no "old lady" names, I think it's beautiful). He's usually pretty open for discussion when I bring a name up, but I think he is waiting until we actually conceive to get serious about it, which I understand. I'm just a planner...

    Congratulations on your pregnancy and good luck finding the perfect name!
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    I'm glad I'm not the only one with a name-reluctant husband :P hehe
    I think it makes a lot of sense that there would two prevalent scenarios for name-fan Berries, either the partner who's not into it and resists discussing (I wonder how many of them are intimidated??), or the partner who's into it and therefore you've been talking about it for ages!

    I held on to a childhood favorite for a boy until about a year ago, and we had agreed on it long long ago. Now we're at square one! As it turns out, his concern is mostly with choosing a name, labeling the child, then having a miscarriage and not being able to use that name in the future. I told him that especially since we're not finding out the gender, I don't want to choose *a* name. I want to go in with a list of 3 or so top names for each gender, and choose after the birth. That he could get more on board with.

    We had a bit of a miscarriage scare that just turned out to be our OB dating us wrong, and now we're in the 'under 5% risk' category. Talking about tangibles makes me more calm, where it stresses him out... he just wants to file it away as 'everything is fine, one day at a time' but I need to look at baby stuff to concentrate on the promise of a baby at the end of the tunnel in order to worry less about complications. Once we start telling friends maybe I'll find a buddy to talk about the specifics with so that my stress doesn't conflict with his stress!

    I made him take a couple of those "what's your naming style?" quizzes last night, and he's pretty firmly in "classic" with a lean toward green/hippie names. I, conversely, love obscure ancient-sounding names. Oof we're gonna struggle!
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