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    Um...we started talking names before we were even married. LOL!

    Honestly, I don't remember at what point in the pregnancy we started really trying to nail it down. We also didn't find out our baby's gender before the birth. I don't feel like it made things any more difficult. I suppose maybe I would feel differently if we had had a boy,though, because our boy name choice was easy (we came up with the first name long before we even started trying to conceive and the middle name was dictated by family tradition) but girl names were slightly more difficult.

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    We're TTC but we've been talking about baby names since about 6 months into our relationship. Can't have me without talking about names - I'm obsessed!
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    My situation might be a little different, as our child was unplanned and we had broken up before I even found out I was pregnant - but we started mentioning names to each other at around 24/25 weeks, but we didn't have similar tastes at all and it seemed stressful, so we didn't seriously get into it until probably 32ish weeks.

    We still haven't chosen middle names, and I don't think we will until the baby is actually born. We don't mind doing two middle names, so we may just each pick one if we can't agree.
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    We started talking names before we were even married! Way back when I said I wasn't sure I would ever want to have kids, even! My husband is an unofficial Berry. I am always asking his opinions when people post questions about "names like ____" and I swear, he is better at names than I am. He picked our daughter's name after his brother stole the one I had dreamed of for our daughter! And honestly, I think he has better, or at least, Berrier taste than me. He hates "normal" names and says I'm boring when I suggest Anna & the like. For any potential baby #2 he likes Marigold or Magnolia & Ulysses or Cliff.

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    My one cousin had their top boy and girl names planned before the wedding. My other cousin has her top girls name picked about a year before the wedding. My mom picked her top girls name at about .... 6 years . It was set in stone.
    I think anytime is a good time to discuss names, however I am superstitious. I might wait at least for the first three monthes (when most miscarriages happen)before discussing names and certainly before locking one down. I wish you nothing but the best! Good Luck!
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