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    When did you start discussing names?

    We're not very far along, and up until this week I was surprisingly not anxious to start talking about names. I'm just starting to come around, partly because I've been looking at monogram-friendly nursery decor and birth announcement designs. Still, I haven't yet pushed the issue with my non-planner husband, who I'm quite sure would just say "names? Already??"

    We don't plan to find out the gender before birth, which I can see making it both more and less difficult in different ways.

    How far along were you when you started talking with your partner about names?

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    I'd love to start discussing names now, but my husband has said not until we're pregnant! We're TTC atm. As soon as I get my positive, I'm sure I'll start barraging him with names immediately! We've had a couple of brief discussions already, but nothing too serious. I've already had a few preliminary discussions with my mum. In the meantime, nameberry feeds my addiction
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    OMG- my hubby isn't a planner either and it was almost the death of me during my pregnancy! We started talking about names years before I was pregnant, just for fun (more for me than for him.) It got serious once we got the + sign on the stick, but he was soooo noncommittal about all of them. We decided not to find out the sex either, and that was a big stumbling block for him. He was so sure it was a girl, and I was so sure it was a boy that he never wanted to decide on a little boy's name. I wasn't crazy in love with our girl's name, but I just KNEW in my heart our baby was a boy, so I decided not to fight that battle. The thing that saved us was, at our 32 week appointment (I think?? It was a very late appointment, but not sure which month exactly) I saw another doctor in the same practice as my regular doctor, and when I was leaving she gave me a goodie bag to take home. In the goodie bag was a burp cloth with a stork on it carrying a blue bundle!!! I looked at it and KNEW I had been right all along. That burp cloth convinced my husband to FINALLY decide on a name for a little boy, but we were pretty close to the end of the pregnancy at that point. (Way too close in my opinion.) Sometimes I still feel like we 'rushed' it a little bit. This time, I'm taking NO chances. We already have our second boy's name selected (George Barrett) and are currently working on the girl's (Margo something...). Good luck!!

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    Ugh. My husband hates names and thinks nameberry is the devil. With our son, the first name was set in stone due to cultural precedent, but he wouldn't have a serious conversation about the middle until I was 4 days overdue. With this one, he promises to start thinking about it once the gender is really locked down (he's suspicious of the 12-week guestimate), but I am skeptical.

    To make it worse, he is a very opinionated person. He argues for a living and is very good at it. It's very frustrating for us to have equal say when one person (me) spends a great deal of time thinking and researching, whereas the other uninformed person (him) simply exerts a firm veto with no chance to even explain the reasoning behind my choices or why I'm attracted to particular options.

    Occasionally he is constructive instead of overtly critical. He infrequently stalks me on nameberry (god knows why) and found the thread I started soliciting feedback & options on girls' names. He mentioned that he found the word "mound" to be prominent in Rosamond and could never get behind it. That, to me, is a perfectly good reason not to select that name, even if I don't see it myself.
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    We've been discussing name since a year after we started dating. We're settled on a first name for both a girl and boy. He's not big on naming (which worked out for me because I just had to suggest and if he liked the sound of it he agreed!)
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