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    Wow... I'm surprised at the strong reactions here. I was just thinking about this last night.

    We're pregnant with #2, 5 years after number 1. We have all the big stuff, but things like car seats, etc. have now expired. (At the time of our first child, I had no idea that car seats had expiration dates, and I purchased second-hand, so I only had 3 years left. oops.) I bought everything somewhat unisex the first time on purpose too, so we have that. But what if it's a girl? Or even if it's a boy, it's the opposite season. Or if it's twins, then most of what I do have won't work. Do I want another shower? Is it rude?

    Here's my theory... I never got a family shower. Just a friends one. And I am much closer to my cousins now than I was then. I think a Sprinkle Shower would be perfect for the new baby. Just to fill in the holes, so to speak. No registries. Just a small celebration.

    I've thrown sprinkle showers. I think that they are lovely, and that they make the mom feel like this baby is just as special as the last. I also think if someone wants to shower you with love (and gifts) then it's ok. If you aren't that type of person, your friends and family should already know that.
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    Maybe my harsh reaction to 2nd showers is because showers (and weddings & baby birthdays) seem to be more extravagant in the NYC area/North East than other parts of America. Also, baby gear tends to be a status item by me. People are unlikely to ask for a humble Grecco or something like that, it's more of a Bob jogging stroller kind of scene! In my more rural hometown, the 2nd or 3rd shower thing seems to be very popular and I just find the whole, "well, I need stuff. I don't have the stuff I need" attitude of why a 2nd shower makes sense is so strange. It really shouldn't be anyone else's concern if someone doesn't have the baby gear from baby #1 anymore. I guess that every baby should be celebrated, but to me that doesn't mean there needs to be an organized party with a registry.

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