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    Baby Shower when it's not the first born??

    What do you think? Some think it's a big no-no and others think every baby should be celebrated via a shower, even if it's the fourth baby girl, etc. I really want to hear what other American mommies think since this is probably a culture thing.

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    I think the first baby shower is the big one, in terms of truly helping you prepare for baby. I think subsequent showers are o.k., if they are done on a smaller scale. Like a diaper and wipes shower from your co-workers...actually that is about the only example of a 'second' shower I can think of. I'm from the south and we do it like this; if you hear about someone you are close too, shower or no shower, you get, and then send, them a baby gift. So most people I know have one shower, but still get gifts from close friends and family for their following pregnancies. Personally, I think I would be a little embarrassed to ask everyone to attend a baby shower for me again. It is so expensive to host, and even when you say 'no gifts please,' people still feel obligated to bring one. Not judging, just saying, I wouldn't expect/plan a second baby shower for myself and I would be shocked to receive an invitation to a second shower, even if it was a close friend.

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    This topic was recently discussed in another thread:

    Personally, I see no problem with a second shower, but, in Australia, a baby shower isn't as big a deal as in America. For example, gifts aren't very extravagant and there's certainly no registry. I think a small get-together for the second baby is fine, as long as guests aren't expected to bring gifts. Just an afternoon tea or a few drinks to celebrate the new baby. However, I'm commenting from an Australian perspective and American women might think differently on this topic.
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    I'm not a fan. It seems greedy in my opinion. My only exception is if there is a large age gap between children. My good friend is having a second "shower" this weekend- but it's really all the girlfriends getting together without husbands and kids before she has two under two.
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    I think it's totally fine to have a celebration, but having a second full-on baby shower with a registry and everything is kind of tacky. It's like asking for gifts. Exceptions can possibly be made if the baby is a different gender or there is a very big age gap between children since the mother may not have held on to all the baby stuff (my sister had a baby shower with her 2nd child because her 1st child was 15 years old AND the opposite gender!)

    I definitely understand the desire to have some sort of celebration for the new little life, even if it is the 7th child or whatever. When we have our second child, I want to throw a gender-reveal party (we didn't find out the gender with our 1st daughter). You could also consider having some kind of get-together after the baby is born instead.

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