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    My daughter is named Lucía, so obviously that would be my first choice. I really like your combo of Lucía Josephine.

    WRT pronunciation, we pronounce it the Spanish way (Loo-see-uh) and once people hear it once it's not something they mispronounce. A few people have read it as Loo-chee-uh, but that rarely happens. I think, if you live in the States, that most people will default to the pronunciation you want. (The ones who tend to think it's the Italian pronunciation are usually elderly).
    I think that the pronunciation varies by area. In my area the default would be loo-see-ah, whereas in certain parts of New England I think loo-chee-ah would be the default. Loo-sha is a mixed bag as to where people will pronounce it that way. To be honest, the pronunciation issue doesn't really bother me. With some of the whackadoodle names people are giving their kids now-a-days (where the pronunciation is impossible to figure out) I think a Lucia would be fine.

    It's interesting how mixed the opinions are on each name! I love all three equally for different reasons.

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    My favourite is Lucy.

    I know its really popular right now, but I just find it soooo adorable

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    I love Lucia!

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    Lucia is my absolute favourite 'Luc' girl name. So pretty!
    19 year old name lover with impeccable taste (◡‿◡✿)

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