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Thread: Lost Loves

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    Fiona, Maeve, Isla - <3 them all and they fit my husband's naming criteria, but they are my cousins' names.
    Molly, Lucy - We considered these for our daughter, but we ended up giving her a different first name that is a variant of Mary and a different middle name that is a variant of Lucy, so to use them would be like naming our 2nd child the same name as the 1st, just in different languages. LOL!
    Clementine, Apple - Don't know why I love fruit names so much, but I do! Hubby won't go for it, though. I doubt I'm brave enough anyway.
    Lyra, Coraline - I think they're so cute and unique without being weird, but I also feel they're too associated with specific book characters. Good books, but still.
    Laurel - Too matchy-matchy with 1st daughter's name.
    Violet - Hubby said no. But it's my favorite color! LOL!
    Elsa - Hubby said no. It's also the name of a restaurant where we live (Well, the owner is named Elsa. The restaurant is named Elsa's.) It's a family name, though!

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    Mallory - I absolutely love this beautiful name. But at my old high school, this was the name of the "IT" girl who was such a snob and bully.
    Isabella - I loved this name way before twilight, that and how popular it got now completely ruined it for me.
    Audrey - Huge Audrey Hepburn fan, but now I know so many babies named "Aubrey" and "Aubree." It's way too close.
    Naomi - This has been one of my favorites since I was a little girl, then someone pointed out what it said backwards and I just died lol.
    Ariel - The little mermaid was and is still one of my favorites. But then I started to babysit an Ariel who kind of ruined the name for me.
    Madeline - Cousins name.
    Paisley - My boyfriends niece is named Preslee, that's way too similar.

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    Too unusual or far out there? I like mostly down to earth & familiar names. I do love overly cutesy names like Honey, Bunny, Kit...wouldn't use them in full.
    Too trendy/popular? Amelia, Chloe, Annabelle, basically every name I loved in high school cause I guess everyone else loved them just as much!
    Hard to pronounce? Helena. I say Helen-uh. Corinne. I say Kuh-rinn. But I don't want her to have to clarify for the rest of her life!!
    Namenapped by friend/family member? Nina. Ugh BIL & SIL straight up name theft!
    Too irrevocably tied to a pop culture character? Allegra & Ursula. Thanks a lot, Disney & allergy med company!

    RIP names!

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    "Namenapped" ha! love it, taz!

    I've had several names that were namenapped. I had the names Claire Alexis and Chloe (no mn yet) picked out since 6th grade. My SIL got pregnant when I was in HS and I made the mistake of sharing my names. She had twins. Guess what she named them? Claire Alexis and Chloe A. (middle after her sister).

    Second time, I was telling my friend this same story and I told her I was still going to use Alexis anyway. Guess what. She gets pregnant and has a girl named Alexis.

    Needless to say I have learned my lesson.

    Now I am having the dilemma of me and DH looooving the name Elena, but my third niece is Delana. I almost just don't care anymore.
    Girls: Matilda ~ Cordelia ~ Elena ~ Violet ~ Emilia ~ Catherine ~ Charlotte ~ Aurelia ~ Elaine ~ Lila

    Boys: Elijah ~ Felix ~ Damon ~ Titus ~ Levi ~ Grayson ~ Declan ~ Dalton ~ Milo

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    Aside from Fable, I really like all of the other names that you've listed!

    There are various names that I really like but won't use because of associations or people who have named their child one of those names. I really liked Noah for a boy, but someone ruined it for me. I told my cousin that Alice was one of my favorites for a girl and she used it!

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