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Thread: Lost Loves

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    Remember. I love it but it's too far out. Even for me! My friend had a daughter she was naming Victoria nn Tori (very cute I thought). Her SIL kept saying Whore-y Tori at the baby shower so that name was scrapped at the last minute at the hospital!

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    Isabella, Emma, Sophie ~ Love them but they've become ruined for me because of their popularity.
    Anouk ~ Oh, how I love this name. Unfortunately, it would be completely butchered where I live.
    Anais ~ See Anouk
    Marguerite ~ Love, love, love this one! It would sound a bit pretentious where I live as an fn, however it's definitely still up for mn consideration.
    Melisande ~ See Marguerite
    Alexandra ~ Loved this one for a long time, unfortunately I met someone with this name (who mostly went by Alex) who completely ruined it for me.
    Jane ~ Cousin's middle name.
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    SOPHIA - loved it long ago and love it today, but not enough for a future daughter to be called Sophie B.

    CLARA - too many personal or past connections (good and bad) have some form of this name

    CORDELIA - ok maybe not lost yet, but much too long with our long last name

    MARGOT - a different form of my first name. I'm not a fan of naming children after the parents.

    and, sadly, any name that ends in an -ee sound (SYLVIE, LILY, etc.) as they rhyme with our last name.

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    Lily- It has gotten far too popular, and a cousin used it.
    Ava- see above
    Daphne- I love it, but I always think of Scooby Doo
    Willow- my best friend loves it
    Aurelia- we live near a town with that name
    Camryn- DH hates unisex names
    Artemis- DH vetoed
    Maddox (Max) James 08.31.13.

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    Aria- I've loved this name since I was a child, when it was unheard of... now it's been done to death.
    Isabella- See Aria
    Emiliana- See Aria, but also Amelia, Emilia, and -ana names have been done to death.
    Iris- I love it, but the last name starts with a Z
    Dahlia- Reminds me of the Black Dahlia murder... but I love the sound.
    Solstice- I love how it sounds, but just too out there for real life.
    Soleil- It would be butchered.
    Hyacinth- I love it, but I live in China and am married to an Iranian... neither of those make the 'th' sound a good idea.
    Esther- See Hyacinth
    Lucia- I love this name, but prefer the Italian pronunciation... that probably wouldn't happen
    Maryam- DH hates it... too common in Iran
    Zara- completely clashes with the surname :'(
    Juniper- I just can't see it aging well
    Calypso- Love it, but too "out there"
    Currently exiled from the US

    Emiliana Pari 郑煜曈 '14
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