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Thread: Lost Loves

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    Lost Loves

    These are the names you love, but for one reason or another would never use-and WHY?

    Too unusual or far out there?
    Too trendy/popular?
    Hard to pronounce?
    Namenapped by friend/family member?
    Too irrevocably tied to a pop culture character?

    Here is my own personal list..

    FABLE-(noun); a story, conveying a moral. I first saw this name on Girl's Gone Child and I just loved her philosophy on motherhood. It may not technically be a name, but it has wonderful meaning and is completely unique. With that being said, I could never namenap this wonderful name. Wish I would of thought of it first Also, I feel like it may not age well. Thoughts?

    LYRA-pronounced LIE-RUH. This one may still be in the running. It's pretty much the only name DH hasn't vetoed lol. It's simple, rare and has beautiful associations with music and the stars. The only thing holding me back from using it, is I feel like people will constantly mispronounce it as LEE-RUH. Ugh I just hate how that sounds. It completely ruins the name for me.

    FIONA-I have loved this name for as long as I can remember. It's so beautiful and exotic sounding but of course the movie Shrek has ruined it for me. Don't get me wrong, I still think it's a gorgeous name, it's just every time I hear it I think green ogre. I wouldn't want to put my little girl through that teasing. Friends and family have said that by the time she is in school, Shrek will be long forgotten. I just don't know. Thoughts?

    DAHLIA-pronounced DAH-LEE-UH. Like Fiona, it's beautiful and exotic and one of my favorite flower names. Unfortunately, DH is not a fan. He much prefers Violet which is also lovely, I just think it's getting a bit too popular.

    IRIS-I absolutely adore this name but won't use it for two reasons. One, DH doesn't like it at all and two I absolutely butcher my R's lol. Such a shame because it has such an awesome meaning. Iris was a messenger-goddess who rode rainbows between heaven and earth to deliver messages from Olympus. Seriously, it doesn't get much cooler than that. I don't know, maybe we'll consider it as a middle name in the future.

    Let's hear your lists!

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    Harper - I've loved this name since the first time I read "To Kill A Mockingbird." I loved what the way the book was written, its messages, what it stood for...and for a long time I've wanted to name my future daughter after author Harper Lee. But I love unique names, and I feel like Harper is going viral. I know three little girls named Harper, all under the age of two! It's just too popular for me to consider using these days, but I'm still mourning the loss.

    This isn't a girl's name, but I'm throwing it on here anyway...Wyatt - This name was in my top three for a boy all through high school and college...I adored it. I still love it, but then there's my dear boyfriend to consider. We've been together a long time, so I've started brainstorming baby names under the assumption that they'll have his last name, which ends in the "-att" sound. It's a little too rhyme-y for me, so I've retired it. I have thought might make a comeback if BF and I break up...haha.
    Girls: Filomena, Silvia, Clara
    Boys: Atticus, Leo, Wyatt

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    Layla/Leila-Its such a gorgeous sounding name! I still love it! Its just too popular. With all of the Lilys, Lilas, Lilianas, Lucys etc, It makes it seem even more popular! Such a shame.
    Boys: Maxwell, Bennett, Oliver, Elliott and Archer.

    Girls: Rose, Juliet, Aria, Cora and Scarlett

    Sorry for any random spellings. I'm probably on my nook!

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    Bridget - In theory I MIGHT be able to use it, if my brother and sister-in-law actually don't use it for baby #1.... we'll see.
    Brooke - Damn you cousin Brooke!
    Evie - My fiance oh so sweetly told me it reminded him of the Pokemon
    Laura/Laurel/Lauren - Cousin Lauren, you harm me so!
    Leah/Leia/Lucie - Leia Lahey? Oy.
    Logan/Spencer - Break my "no male name" rule
    Sadie - Why am I using my fiance's two-syllable-ending-in-ee-name again?

    If I made the list of all the name's I loved, but fiance hated, this would be about 20 times as long. Oh well.

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    Amelia - getting way popular and is similar-sounding to mega-popular Emily
    Christelle - fell in love with it when I saw it on a French girl but everyone mistakes it for a trashy variation of Crystal
    Cora, Nora, Audrey, Aurora - clash with last name
    Freya - would always be mispronounced/misspelled where I live (it's completely unheard of here)
    Coralie - sounds made-up to most people (at least from the ones I've asked)
    Elsie - too close to all the El- names that are really popular right now and would always be mistaken for Elise
    Eloise - too pretentious-sounding where I live
    Felicity - vetoed, completely broke my heart because it's perfect in every way to me
    Chloe - the first Chloe I knew was a dog, which ruined the name for me
    Lucy - same as Chloe
    Mia - I know a girl named Mia that ruined the name for me & I have a friend that hates her so much she would be offended if I used it
    Jane nn Janie - vetoed, but I was wary of the "Plain Jane" jokes anyhow
    Scarlett nn Carly - vetoed but I can't stand Scarlett Johansson anyway
    Georgia - cousin's name
    Natalie - too popular
    Lily - too popular
    Sophie - too popular
    Cecilia - I know someone named this too well to use it in the middle spot but would love to honor her with MN
    Annabelle - same as Cecilia
    Kathy - too dated

    Wow my list was long haha...I'm still sad about most
    Felicity ~ Calista ~ Claudia ~ Beatrice "Betty" ~ Carlotta ~ Millie ~ Cora ~ Audrey ~ Violet

    Calvin ~ Jude ~ Miles ~ Oliver ~ Roscoe ~ Benjamin ~ Leo ~ Adrian ~ Isaac ~ Colin

    Please rate my namelist!

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