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    One more thing on the subject of "sitting next to poor people" hahaa

    The offices that take charity care or medicare patients often have better hours than the 'rich people' offices and seem to be able to fit you in more easily. They also tend to have nicer front desk workers in my experiences. Those front desk people can really be the worst!!

    However, in my experience the "rich people" offices are usually less crowded and have less wait time, it's more difficult to get an appointment, but it seems less likely to get really packed in the waiting rooms.

    That's just my experience at the 5 offices that I've ended up in within 1 year of my daughter's life!!
    I don't know if it's just because I live in the South or what, but I would guess 75-80% of the families that go to my pediatrician's office have Medicare (state insurance) Families that make a modest income but aren't offered healthcare through their jobs, usually their children will still qualify for Medicare. That's the case with most everyone I know (including us) We have a home business and while we make decent money, can't afford quality healthcare for ourselves. But Rowan is covered through state insurance because she's a child.
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    I am with @rowangreeneyes, I also talked to a few pediatricians and was able to choose. We had a quick visit with Cornelia and picked the one who wasn't just intelligent, qualified and kind but who Nelly did feel comfortable with. She smiles every time she visits us and we have almost no problems with examinations.
    We were torn between middle aged professor and this young woman. Honestly, I was kinda afraid to let young doctor look after Nelly but she was much more advanced when she seemed to be and also quite patient when it comes to vaccinations. Male doctor was more conservative and had less individual treatment to every child.

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