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    I don't think interviewing a GP is even an option in the UK, I've never heard of anyone do it. I think because we have the NHS (free healthcare) most people aren't fussy.

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    In the UK you're assigned to a GP based solely on your address. The GP will refer you to a specialists as needed (including paediatricians for children with more complex medical problems).

    Interviews are free. Most primary care physicians will do them. Specialists (including surgeons), usually not. @maltee, the vaccination question is unfortunately so predominant that most pediatricians anticipate discussing this with parents, and it is almost expected that you will ask about it. In areas with high concentrations of anti-vaccers many pediatricians have made a choice to accept those children into their practice despite near-unanimous medical agreement on the necessity of routine childhood immunization; their thought is that obviously those children need doctors, too, despite the choices their parents have made for them. IMO you should ask about that because it will mean that children-- including your children-- will be exposed to the diseases the vaccines protect against in the waiting rooms, etc.

    Most pediatrics offices are friendly, cheerful, bright places. I think the most important thing to look for in terms of the office itself is whether or not they have separate sick and well child waiting rooms. But the stuff I listed above is what I think is really crucial.
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    So much great advice! As a person whose child has had 5 different pediatricians before finding the right fit, I have some advice as well...

    Look for a pediatrician with a nurse advice line. Make sure that they're open to advising you on any matter that comes up. For example, dietary questions or milestone questions. Stuff that isn't directly medical.

    Look for a pediatrician whose child rearing philosophies are similar to your own. If you are interested in holistic parenting, attachment parenting, prolonged breast feeding, you might want to find a different type of office than if you are an old-school Ferberizer who plans on using formula. Ask in a neutral way what the doctor's opinions are on things that matter to you. For example, do they do vaccinations on a set schedule or are they ok with spacing them differently if you're more comfortable with that.

    Ask moms who have been in the community longer than you. Don't be afraid to approach someone. You could even keep an eye out for moms whose parenting style seems similar to your own.

    Ask if the office looks for developmental issues. The office that I finally ended up with is so great for this. When I brought in my daughter the doctor presented her with a tongue depressor to see if she would reach for it. Handed her another to see if she would take that & hit the two together. What seemed like play to me, she later explained was her checking up on how my daughter interacts with new people, if she can connect the two objects, every little playful thing had the ulterior motive to look out for special needs issues cause the office is very into early detection.

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    One more thing on the subject of "sitting next to poor people" hahaa

    The offices that take charity care or medicare patients often have better hours than the 'rich people' offices and seem to be able to fit you in more easily. They also tend to have nicer front desk workers in my experiences. Those front desk people can really be the worst!!

    However, in my experience the "rich people" offices are usually less crowded and have less wait time, it's more difficult to get an appointment, but it seems less likely to get really packed in the waiting rooms.

    That's just my experience at the 5 offices that I've ended up in within 1 year of my daughter's life!!

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    At the hospital I went to, you are required to choose a pediatrician to do the "newborn evaluation" after your baby is born. So I went to a few pediatricians offices when I was pregnant to "interview" them. First I went to a doctor my friend recommended and he was very nice but he was in his late 50's and seemed a little too lackadaisical to me. I also went to an office consisting of 4 women doctors who were all in their mid 30's-early 40's and the office seemed very warm and welcoming. I had decided on one of the doctors and then as I was leaving the office, I heard someone mention one of the doctor's daughter was named Rowan and it kind of "clicked" with me. So, our pediatrician is probably in her early 40's, very energetic, and seems to be extremely intelligent and well versed in just about every topic we throw at her. She's never come across as judgmental or disapproving, and always gives a straight answer and doesn't sugarcoat. She is also very "natural" but is not anti vaccination, which is something that was very important to me. I live in a very hippie town and it's so common to not vaccinate your children here, it scares the hell out of me. There's actually a whooping cough epidemic going around locally... every kid we come across has some nasty upper respiratory infection and what sounds like a smoker's cough. I almost don't want to take Rowan out in public anymore.
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