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    How to choose a pediatrician?

    My baby is due this month and I haven't chosen a pediatrician yet. I'm wondering if anyone had any advice on how to make a good choice. What did you look for in a pediatrician?

    I did some internet searches and found two pediatricians in my area that looked promising. One was an MD with 20 years experience and lots of good reviews. The second is a physician assistant with a focus in pediatrics, and is a certified lactation consultant.

    Breastfeeding is really important to me, and I like the idea of having a pediatrician who is also a lactation consultant, in case I run into any issues with breastfeeding. But I'm wondering whether I should be concerned that she's a physician assistant and not a doctor. I'm not really sure what the difference is.

    Does anyone have any advice on how to make the choice, or any experiences to share?

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    This is a great question. Since I'm in the business myself, I have a very strict list of criteria but know that they're idiosyncratic.

    I look closely at where the person trained for medical school, residency and fellowship. Years in practice is somewhat important-- I want the sweet spot, not too fresh but not bored and nearing retirement. I want an academic general practice where the physicians see a host of children with severe medical problems, teach medical students and residents, and are appointed faculty at a medical school. I would always been paranoid and suspicious at the typical community pediatrics practice full of mostly well children, where the pediatricians have been out of training for a while, haven't taken care of anyone truly sick in ages, and are a bit rusty in their diagnostic skills; I would worry that they wouldn't notice something alarming or might be tempted to brush something under the rug instead of working it up. Also I enjoy talking to smart people and smarter doctors stay in academics.

    Lastly, this is completely unique to me, but I would be very very uncomfortable entrusting my child(ren)'s care to someone with less knowledge, education and training than I myself have. No PAs or NPs for me, even though they're lovely people who fulfill a very valuable role. I would always be uncomfortable, again that there's something they don't know about or weren't trained to take care of and therefore are missing.

    Things I absolutely don't care about:

    - how the office is decorated
    - sitting next to poor people while waiting (this bothers a lot of people, deep down; it makes them worry they've picked an inferior doctor)
    - bedside manner (there are no mean people in pediatrics anyway)
    - online patient reviews. They're mostly scams or people who don't really know what a good doctor is, just what a nice doctor is.

    So, Antoine's pediatrician is the Chief of the Division of General Pediatrics at a major medical school here, a former transplant nephrologist, and the former program director of the residency. I'm very happy.
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    I didn't even think about this. I've been going to the same GP (UK version of a pediatrician I guess? There are no specific pediatricians here as far as I know, just general pediatricians) since I was about 5.

    I have no idea what her qualifications are, I've never even thought to ask. All I know is that she's never let me down in over 20 years. She's kind, understanding, and knows me better than I know myself. She's in her late 40's as far as I know and I'll continue going to her (along with my DD) until she retires. She's a gem, one of a kind, and I feel very lucky to have such a great doctor.

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    We just decided on one last week...we went to several info sessions and chose mainly for easy location (less than 10 min away) and the fact that we just clicked with that doctor better than the others.

    I asked everyone I know for recommendations and followed up with the names that kept coming up and the people who seemed really excited to share a recommendation. I put more stock in those than online reviews.
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    When I was first pregnant, I interviewed a few different pediaticians in my area. I ended up choosing a practice consisting of 4 doctors for the following reasons: At least one of the drs is always available and they see sick patients on Saturdays. The practice consists of 2 female and 2 male drs of varying ages. I assumed my daughter would eventually be more confortable with a female dr and now that I have sons, they may like to see a male dr. The drs are passionate about providing the best quality of care and are willing to consult or refer to specialists when needed. The practice has 2 waiting rooms, one for sick patients and one for babies/physicals. There is a nurse line 24 hours a day I can call with questions and, if needed, page a doctor. I have been very happy with all my experiences. Just remember if you pick a dr you don't like, you can always request a 2nd opinion or switch drs.

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