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    Izaaks little brother urgent help- have to submit his paperwork this week!

    I am new to the site but need some desperate help on naming our baby boy. We have Izaak Moses, and have just had a boy and want to call him Mo or Moe. Dh wants him to have a 'proper' name so that'll come as a nick name... Which is tough.

    We are jewish so old testament is nice but we're not hugely religious so don't want to over do the bible either...but then most names seem to come down to old and New Testament. Our thoughts are:

    Moses - or is that weird, since its his brothers middle name?
    Amos- not strictly a mo name but close
    Solomon - and still go with mo no sol as the nick name
    Moritz - dh worries its too German sounding
    Moshe- Yiddish for Moses

    At the moment we are thinking of Emmanuel as the middle name but not if we went with Solomon as its just too long!

    Any thoughts welcome!


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