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    Names similar to Thirza

    I was looking back through a load of old stuff and came across some items from the cricket team I played on for a few years when I was younger, among them the phone numbers of a couple of girls I was friends with at the time and have since lost touch with. One of the girls whose number I had was called Thirza (prn Thur-zuh) and I remember at the time thinking what a pretty and unusual name it was.

    It's probably a name I'm more likely to use for a fictional person than an actual person as it doesn't fit in with most of my favourites, which are much more mainstream. But, just for fun, and in case a few years down the line it ends up being "the one", what would you name a hypothetical brother and sister to Thirza?

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    I don't think you'd want to put these together as siblings, but it reminds me of the girl name Kinza (Arabic, "hidden treasure") and the boy name Thurlow.

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