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    Just a word on the decor: our 'decor' in our baby room is completely neutral, since it's meant for whoever is living in it at the time.

    The furniture is dark brown wood, the breathable bumper is a matching dark brown, and the basic sheets for the mattress are light brown gingham. Walls are a nice neutral yellow with some bright sunshiney yellow accents. Bright pictures of animals and in all colors - Eric Carl style, so all the colors are in there. We have a few 'gender specific' sheets for the crib that we rotate also (because with babies / toddlers, you never know how many sheets you'll need to go through in any given time), and each baby winds up having a special blanket too that is displayed somehow.

    Gender Neutral is the best way to go, in my opinion.

    Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy, your health, and naming your baby!

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    Aurelius and Orion are really great names from your list. Aurelius is especially debonair with its Roman connotation. You mentioned watery names... have you considered spelling Pierce as Piers? Pierce/ Piers sounds a tad metro, like a man in a tux. I hope everything goes well with your treatment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    I don't think your medication is ineffective per se, but your elevated TSH and persistent hypothyroid symptoms could argue that you are inadequately dosed (or, again, that you would respond better to pure T3). You do need to undergo an ablation-- that's SOP after thyroidectomy for cancer given that any residual thyroid tissue anywhere in the body is almost certainly cancer and will respond to the treatment, but of course pregnancy is a strict contraindication. Again your endocrinologist or oncologist if you have one should be discussing this with you.

    If the disappointing appointment you spoke of Friday was with a psychiatrist, I can understand why he was underwhelmed and thought you probably should not have been referred. You yourself agree! The cardinal rule of making a mental health diagnosis is ruling out an underlying organic medical condition as the cause, which again could well be your thyroid status.

    It is interesting that you feel like you're "on speed" on the synthroid, which I more than understand, but still have residual hypothyroidism symptoms. Again, I might discuss switching medications with your endocrinologist as you're not tolerating it well, are still underdosed, and have some residual symptoms of hypothyroidism.

    If you're still interested in researching papillary thryoid cancer, I would urge you to consider your sources very carefully. The internet is full of well-meaning misinformation by laypeople. The NCCN (National Cancer Care Network) guidelines are the gold standard:

    Back to names. Alaric and Aurelius are both fantastic, smashing choices. Very handsome, courtly, mysterious and distinctive. Is that the kind of son you would like to have?

    Also for this next baby (boy or girl, though we have a prediction from the 12-wk ultrasound) I am doing the nursuery in a Moroccan theme, to make it look like a medieval souk. Tiled wallpaper, hanging lanterns, Persian carpets, mosaic tables, etc. Feel free to think outside the nusury box entirely.
    I am quite against RAI at this point. Most of what I've read online and been told by others who experienced it is quite scary, not to mention I've seen some studies published showing evidence of RAI increasing risks of other cancers, though those studies have not yet been duplicated. I'm very concerned about the whole issue. My endocrinologist today switched me to synthroid (I was on levothyroxine) to see if that would help with my side effects and klonopin to assist with the severe anxiety I'm experiencing. I'm not interested in anti-depressants, so I feel like my time with the mental health community is a waste at this point.

    Thanks for the link. I feel like there is so much information out there and yet so much of it doesn't even sound sane (there are lots of pro-NDT sites and whatnot, but I just am not sure that's for me). I just feel ill-prepared. I was just now given my path report, so I do feel a bit better about having acquired more information. I know that the internet isn't a doctor, but in the absence of answers from my actual doctors, where else was I supposed to go?

    I do like Alaric and Aurelius. Oddly, so does my husband. I think they work well with the girls' names. I'm not ready to pull the trigger on either yet thouhg and I think I need middle names to really make a choice.

    I've decided that when I"m ready, I'll do the nursery in things that appeal to me and design based on my aesthetic and not "baby" stuff. Perhaps that's selfish, but I think I stand the best chance this way.

    I appreciate your assistance tremendously.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wahpro View Post

    I've decided that when I"m ready, I'll do the nursery in things that appeal to me and design based on my aesthetic and not "baby" stuff. Perhaps that's selfish, but I think I stand the best chance this way.

    I appreciate your assistance tremendously.
    Thats not selfish. The nursery is really for mommy and daddy anyway. The baby really doesn't care about which colours are used and which animals are on the wall, you know.

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    I don't have any children myself, but I'd imagine your reaction is pretty normal - I'm desperate for a girl, and I think I'll have the same reaction if I have a boy, but I'm sure it won't matter once I hold him in my arms.

    Name wise, your girls' names are so beautiful and old fashioned, so I assume you would like a name to match?

    Finn Charles, Oliver Maxwell or Henry Cole are a few suggestions

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