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    My surgeon told me I had cancer on April 25th. I actually had to call back his office because I didn't even know there were different types of thyroid cancer (I have papillary.. he told me nothing, just that he was "surprised" that during the TT that it was "all cancer") and he was so annoyed by my phone call, I didn't ask anything else. My endocrinologist last week, when trying to convince me to do the RAI said "Well, it spread to your lymph nodes... " to which I replied "wtf?" So, needless to say, I immediately requested my medical records and have started to look for another doctor. I'm on levothyroxine (175 mcg), which is not working well for me, even after having the dosage adjusted. I am trying to find a doctor willing to prescribe naturally dessicated thyroid, but they seem to be very few and far between. My TSH level now is 4.74, which the lab says "This TSH Value is above the 98th percentile. Values in this range occur in about 2% of pregnant women and are consistent with "subclinical hypothyroidism". My T3 is high and my T4 is low, which from internet searching (since my doctors are useless at this point) is a condition called "pooling" which can stem from low iron (which I'm anemic, taking two supplements a day to try and correct it).

    The "common cold" comment really sent me over the edge. I realize I'm not going to die from this, but I also know that recurrence occurs frequently and I'll have to be medicated for the rest of my life and likely struggle with side effects for as long.

    Ambrose is rather handsome, as is Julius.... I think I may keep both of those on the list. I can't decide if I like Cassius. I think mostly because he may be called "Cash", which I've always felt was one of those silly status symbol type names like Armani or Lexus.

    So far, I think I have Aurelius, Pierce, Alaric, Julius, Ambrose, Matthias definitely on the list. There are a few others I'm considering. It takes me a few days of saying them to myself to really get a feeling for them
    Firstly, I want to say I am appalled at the professional patient abandonment you described in your thread. This is a very important diagnosis with lifelong ramifications-- you had a total thyroidectomy and node-positive cancer (most papillary thyroid cancer readily spreads to the lymphatics, so that it not unusual and doesn't have as bad a prognosis as in other cancers). For the rest of your life you will need thyroid replacement therapy and surveillance for metastatic or incompletely resected local cancer. You need to have your surgeon carefully explain both the intraoperative findings as well as go through the pathology report with you at your follow-up visit (the usual practice is to share results over the phone, but go over the report in detail at the post-op). And your endocrinologist will absolutely take the reigns; you will be followed by an endocrinologist for the rest of your life. You should not have to resort to google to understand the important and somewhat complex management of one's thyroid status s/p TT. Lastly-- papillary thyroid cancer generally has an excellent prognosis and good survival rates, but so your friends and family know, it absolutely does metastasize outside the neck and it absolutely does kill people.

    Secondly, girlfriend, you are 3 months out from surgery and have described an inadequate treatment response to synthroid with the elevated TSH to prove it. T3 is the active thyroid hormone, T4 is the 'precursor' that doesn't have much biological activity. Synthroid is T4. The ratio that you're describing (high T3) is actually good-- I would interpret it as your body is scavenging all that synthroid and quickly converting it due to demand, but your endocrinologist should go through that with you. Instead of dessicated natural thyroid hormone [which is a hodgepodge made from slaughtered pigs, yuck], more people do better with pure T3 (liothyronine). I'm sure you know the symptoms of hypothyroidism-- fatigue, poor energy, DEPRESSED MOOD, etc. Thyroid status has *profound* psychiatric ramifications and I would urge you to follow up with your endocrinologist and discuss your recent mood changes.

    Lastly-- so many of your name choices are on my own list; I love them all. Blaise, Ignatius, Ambrose & Aurelian were on my list. Ignatius could be Nat (not Nate) or Nash; by no means must he be 'Iggy' (a nickname I too despise).

    Ocean names:

    Marinus, Marino, Marin, Marius, Mariner
    Blade, MD

    XY: Antoine Raphael; Julian Victor
    XX: Cassia Viviane Noor

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