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    Naming when you aren't into it?

    This will probably get nasty, and I totally deserve it. I've posted on here a few times, looking for boy names. The thing is, I am having a lot of pretty serious gender disappointment. I have girls, I wanted another... badly. I didn't realize how badly until they told me it was a boy. I've been unable to pin down a name list at all. I can't even come up with a handful of names I love.. or even really like.. or even ones I think I may like.

    I know I don't have to name the baby at the hospital... but I also know that it can be a pain with social security paperwork and whatnot, plus it's just strange.. how do you tell people "Oh, the baby is nameless"?

    I just think that my inability to find a name is from the gender disappointment, since I have been unable to purchase anything either. How do I get around this? My husband is no help because he says he refuses to pick a name knowing I"ll just dislike it forever or that I'll hate the sheets he buys. I can't possibly be the only person who has had this happen. Any ideas?
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