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    I have gender disappointment! However, I don't have two beautiful daughters to celebrate, as this is my first child. I grew up in an all-girls family and my sisters have little girls - I just didn't seriously consider that my first child would be a boy, so I was in shock for several weeks after the u/s.

    However, I have since moved forward (mostly) and am really looking forward to this new experience for myself and my whole family - I think I have moved forward as much as I can. Of course I am hoping for a little girl next go-around.

    It sounds like you could use some assistance in moving forward and you may want to seek out someone to talk to who can help you move forward! Your baby is your child whether he's a boy or girl, and he'll be here very, very soon! You should do what you can to try to mentally prepare yourself to bring the child into the world on an equal level with your other two children, and that includes naming. I'm not trying to be harsh - I just think you should try to move forward since he is nearly here.

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