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    Gender surprise.

    DH decided for baby 2 he wants to know the sex. I'm fine with that, but I also want to keep it between us, and surprise everyone with what we are having.
    SIL thinks its pointless.

    Anyone have a similar experience?
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    I know lots of couples who have found out the sex but not shared the gender with anyone and it worked fine for them.

    You need to be really firm, and be able to deal with the pressure of family/friends questioning you if they know you know.

    One option would be to pretend you don't know either and that you are leaving it as a surprise, so that people won't be hounding you. Then when baby actually arrives you could say something like "Well, we actually knew he/she was going to be a boy/girl since the anamoly scan but decided to keep it to ourselves".

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    I have not had this experience, but have heard of others doing it.

    It doesn't matter if your SIL thinks it's the worst idea in the world - it's not her pregnancy. She will get over it.
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    My husband and I chose not to find out what we were having, but my dad was convinced we really knew and were just keeping it from them. I think we could have easily kept it a secret if we knew, but we wanted to be surprised with everyone else when the baby was born.
    Next time, I think we're going to find out. Not because we didn't like waiting, but 1.) you don't get a baby shower for #2, so I think I would like to have a gender reveal party so we can still have a celebration and 2.) I think the future big sister would be excited and proud to be able to tell people whether she's having a baby brother or baby sister. It will be special and fun to do things a little differently the second time around.

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    My husband and I decided we wanted to be surprised for our first, so we elected not to find out the sex. Friends and family were convinced we knew, but we really didn't!!! I couldn't imagine knowing and not sharing. Logistically, I'm not sure how that would work. Nobody is allowed to see your nursery? No baby gifts until after the birth? Every time mom or dad refer to the yet-born baby as a he or she everyone thinks they let it slip? Ugh. I think that would get very old for me, very quickly. I have heard of it working well for others, but I don't think we have the kind of extended family where it would have been successful. Keep us posted as to what you decide please!

    P.S. When we get pregnant again, I want to find out the sex ASAP this time!!

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