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    Question Thoughts on these names please :)

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    My favourite and the only one I like is Gavin. I heavily dislike Landon because to me it sounds like someone trying to London with a fake and cartoonish London accent. Easton sounds wierd and reminds me of Eton, Weston however is on my list so I don't know how that one works - I think because West sounds more like a name than East does. I also like Gavin sounds much better as a brother to Ava than the other two.
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    ^^ Agree. Plus, Landon makes me think of Michael Landon, and Easton of Brett Easton-Ellis, both not great associations IMO.

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    I think Michael Landon is a great association with the name Landon: he was a very well-respected actor from Little House on the Prairie. However, from your list, I like Gavin Christopher the most.
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    First off they all have a very preppy, upper class type feel. Easton I think is cute and accessible, kind of unexpected but in a good way. Landon is just not my favorite, all the guys I've known named Landon kind of put me off of it. Gavin is handsome, maybe a little popular for my taste but still a great name.
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