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    Fill in the missing middle please!

    We are expecting our third baby girl. Each of our existing two has two middle names, so we've already used six names in total and need seven, eight and nine!

    Current favourites for the lead spot are Cora and Clara. On different days I prefer a different one, but I think it will clearly be a case of waiting to see how she looks and then deciding. The 'third' name will be Honesty (after the flower, really, rather than the virtue, although that's nice too!).

    What I need is something to fill the gap. The first names are both quite similar so in most cases the same idea works for each, although that's not always the case!

    So Cora/Clara ----- Honesty. All suggestions welcome. I like unusual but not 'trendy' names. My other two have middles Eirlys Noelle and Meredith Rhoslyn between them, if that helps. My guess is that a single syllable or iambic two-syllable name works best (eg Cora Maude Honesty, Clara Marie Honesty) but would like any more suggestions you have.

    Thank you!

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    Clara Mabel Honestly
    Cora Bea Honestly
    Clara Elise Honestly
    Cora June Honestly
    Clara Eve Honestly
    Cora Mae Honestly
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    Thank you! Honesty rather than Honestly ;-) but thank you for the suggestions. I like Elise and Eve particularly.

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    Oh, Hahaha. Thanks.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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