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    Augustin vs Rhys?

    These are our top two names if our next one is a boy. We don't have many boy names that we agree on so narrowing it down has been much easier than for girls.

    Augustin would go by Gus most of the time. The other "August" names don't work for us for one reason or another. August- Husband hates. Augustus- Doesn't work with husbands name. Augustine- Too feminine looking for me.

    Also, do you think Rhys will get butchered constantly in the US? That is one of my main concerns with that name.

    So which one do you like better?

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    I prefer Augustin. I don't care for Rhys.
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    I really like Augustin and I love August! Gus is great too!
    At first I was going to say pick Augustin, but with your son Leo, I think Rhys is a cuter name for his brother.

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    Leo and Rhys work really well together as a sibset

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    I prefer Augustin over Rhys. Gus and Leo are so cute together! I worry about the popularity of the female, "Reese". It went from 886 in the year 2000 to 128 in 2012, while Rhys is only 476 for boys. I also think you will always have to pronounce it for people, at least the first time, unless you live in the UK.
    What about Reid/Reed? That's cute with Leo too.

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