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    Question We have one twin, now it is on to baby girl

    So we figured out little man's first name and his middle is currently being decided on. His name will be Spencer. The older siblings are Truman Reed, Delaney Katherine, Charlotte Elisa, and Hallie Jane.

    The middle names we have for this little lady are:
    -Penelope (my dad's mother's name)
    -Beth (after my mother)
    -Christine (after Jason's mother)
    -Caroline (after Jason's aunt)

    Jason and I really like names we can shorten and give nicknames to. We would prefer that her name doesn't start with the same initial as one of her siblings, but if it happens, it happens. Also nothing super super popular.
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    Not an easy task at all. I like these with all the siblings:

    Lilah Caroline
    Vivienne Christine
    June Penelope
    Rosalie Beth

    I also like Bethany and Penelope as first names.

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    Spencer's a great name, it was on my list for this bundle but ultimately removed as we couldn't find a nickname for it, and that's important to us as we call our oldest by a nickname a lot.

    What about:

    Lydia Caroline
    Freya Penelope
    Nadia Beth
    Marina Penelope
    Luella Penelope
    Vanessa Christine
    Harriet Caroline
    Antonia Beth
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