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    My favorite is definitely the classic Margaret. Marguerite is also nice. Not a huge fan of Magnolia or Marigold, though.
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    I know a girl called Mahogany, funnily enough. Her brothers are Timothy & Jackson and her parents are Peter & Katie so it's always seemed really strange to me.. She goes by her middle name most of the time though, which is Marie.

    Magnolia is my favourite but mainly because I love the NN Nola for it, too.
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    I've known two Maggies that were Megans. Megan isn't exactly cutting edge but I like it.

    I love Marguerite, like Margaux (logistically a nightmare but my favourite spelling), and am fond of Magnolia.

    For whatever reason I love classic names like Jane, Catherine, and Elizabeth, but I just can't like Margaret. And I like Marigold but I prefer Mari or Goldie as nicknames for it.

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    Thank you for all of the responses! I LOVE Magnolia nn Maggie but cannot get my husband on board. I've got time for some persuasion though

    I really like the name Margaret but I just don't think it is for me. And my name is a diminutive of Margaret so would that be weird?

    I hadn't thought of Margaux for Maggie but I like it! I will bring that up to DH.

    I want to like Magdalena but I just can't. It is a beautiful name but just not for me.
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