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Thread: Vesper?

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    I like the name Vesper, not love, but like. But it's got a strong emotional connection for me because of a place I went to as a child. When we left, we had a ceremony called Vespers. What do you think of the name Vesper? Normally, I like girlier names like Lia, Emily, Summer, Daisy, Evelyn, Maeve, Adelia. Is Vesper usable as a first name? How about a middle name? Or should I just keep it on the back burner as a guilty pleasure name?

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    I love Vesper! I think so much of the appeal to me is vespers. I got a lot out of youth groups, out of church, church school, even Sabbath School (my church's version of Sunday School), but vespers was always the most meaningful. It was so intimate, I always felt like I got to know God in vespers, I love how it embodies God's closeness to me. It's a beautiful name, and it has this soft and whispery vibe to it that I love. It is a lot of name for a FN, but I think it works as a MN! I like Adelia Vesper a lot.

    Good luck!
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    I LOVE Vesper as a girls first name. Great idea, please do it!

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    I'm sorry but I can't help but make the immediate connection with Vespa (as in the motorbike). Don't want connotations of "riding a Vespa". Just putting it out there.

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    I could see it as a middle name more than a first name.

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