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    Unhappy Help! Due any day now & can't seem to make up our minds!

    Okay, I've posted on here before and everyone has been super helpful, so maybe I can get some opinions again. My husband and I have kept our name choices a secret because we've had bad experiences with sharing baby names before, but we need outside help!

    We have and 18 month old daughter names Vienna Christine and I'm 39 weeks along with our second girl. We've tossed so many names around that I'm actually just starting to get sick of the whole process, but we have at least narrowed it down to two different combos: Autumn Victoria or Violet Catherine. Our girl will most likely have olive skin with dark hair and eyes.

    I'm leaning toward Violet, but not sure about having two V names in a row, plus I'm not as much of a fan of the combo (both MN are family names). I love the Autumn combo, but I'm not as sure about the first name on its own. I just can't seem to fall in love with either one... Maybe because normally they'd be too popular for my liking? But we've looked at what seems like every name in existence and this is all we have.

    Sorry for the rambling; just trying to give a background of my wishy-washiness so maybe someone can offer some insight to settle my mind. Thanks everyone!!

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    It's hard to say. I prefer Violet just in general compared to Autumn. And I wouldn't worry too much about not liking Violet Catherine as much as a pair because after the birth announcement both names are rarely used together.

    I guess my question would be... are you planning to have another baby? If not I wouldn't mind Vienna and Violet. But if it were me, and I was having a third baby and the first 2 names started with a V then I'd be like oh, should I keep with the V pattern? Or then just do something different and it would not match?

    But it seems generally that you really like Violet more than Autumn, you just like the MN better with the Autumn combo. Since you'll mostly be using just the first name I think you should go with Violet.

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    I prefer Violet to Autumn, though Vienna and Violet bother me together a bit. It works though. I would go with whichever first name you like the most, which seems to be Violet.

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    Definitely Violet Catherine! I think it is a beautiful combination. I have always strongly disliked season names. They seem a bit tacky and dated. I love Violet, Victoria, and Catherine though.

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    When I saw the combo Violet Catherine, I thought, "Oh, how pretty!"

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