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    Quote Originally Posted by joyfulmomto8 View Post
    I am in Northern Alabama, and for some reason, I can not tell you how many times, I have heard Caroline pronounced "Carolyn" and Madeline pronounced, "Madelyn" .
    Here in Australia Carolyn and Caroline are usually but not always the same pronunciation. I knew one mother of a Caroline who used both pronunciations. I think it is a matter of making it clear that you like the Caroline pronunciation, people will soon learn. And yes Madeleine is said as Madelyn no 'leen" or "line" pronunciation at all.

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    Ella Josephine - Ella always strikes me as 1/2 of a name.

    Savannah Jane - If you are going to use another "s" name, I much prefer Susannah

    Charlotte Eloise - Again, I would eliminate names with a "s" or "sh" starting sound

    Anna Caroline - this is quite nice

    Anna Joy Caroline - it's okay

    Lucy Caroline - I love this except I'm weird about not liking C as a middle initial for Lucy

    Jane Victoria - I like both names separately but together it falls a bit flat

    Susannah Joy - Very pretty. You do have many girls with "s" names though, but still maybe it'd be worth it.

    Caroline Joy - Prefer Caroline Grace

    Caroline Gloria - okay, if it significant to you than it might be a good choice

    Lily Caroline - Lily hasn't been a favorite of mine

    Anna-Grace Evangeline I like the sentiment of Evangeline but I don't find it pretty

    Anna Eloise - not a fan of Eloise

    Olivia Jane - this could work

    Grace Caroline -- LOVE IT!

    Madeline Anne - love your kids' comments about the youngest one...
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    I love:
    Ella Josephine
    Charlotte Eloise
    Caroline Joy
    Olivia Giovanna

    I also love Genevieve, but I am not a fan of Hope. Ella Josephine and Charlotte Eloise are just gorgeous, hands down my favorites. I like Caroline Joy and Olivia Giovanna, but not as much as the other two just because Caroline and Olivia have been fairly common for about a generation already. But it's completely up to you!!
    You have nice taste in names and I love that you're honoring relatives Good luck!

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    Charlotte Jane is so precious!

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    Anna Grace, Anna-Grace Evangeline, and Lily Frances are my favorite. With Madeline I would use Joy or Grace as the middle name. I pronounce it mad-eh-LINE.
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