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    Weighing in on lyn/line...I haven't gotten called Carolyn in a long time! When I was little, Carolyn was the more popular version and I'd say I got -lyn 50% of the time from new people. With Caroline the more popular version now, seems like most people get it and go with -line as the default.

    Madeline, I say -line, but it seems like there are more people who use the -lyn pronunciation. Although your "the smallest one was Madeline" is tough to resist!
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    Yes, my girls say some of the sweetest things!
    ~ "How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers."~ Mother Teresa

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Ella Josephine - I quite love it. The sleek, classy Josephine pairs so well with the vintagy, sweet Ella. There are a few combos I like more for Ella (Ella Felicity and Ella Catherine come to mind--I love those! And if Isabelle wasn't my top choice for a girl, Ella Catherine Lior "Ella Kate" or Ella Felicity Charlotte/Ella Charlotte Felicity would probably be on my short list!), but I really love Ella Josephine, it's very sweet and sophisticated!
    Savannah Jane - for some reason, Savannah seems too trendy for your lovely little troupe! I mean, it could work, but if you are going to go for another "S_____anna name, I would go for what you really love, and I know that's Susanna! Besides, Susanna goes better with your other kiddos, anyway. Susanna Jane is lovely, though.
    Charlotte Eloise - LOVELOVELOVE Charlotte. I'm sure you see this coming a mile away, but I quite honestly hate Eloise. I like Charlotte Elise or even Charlotte Jane more.
    Anna Caroline - classic, but if you're going to go for Anna and Caroline, I would keep Joy, too--it just gives some life to the combo.
    Anna Joy Caroline - sweet, but I like it better as Anna Caroline Joy for some reason. I do like that Joy right next to Anna livens Anna up a little bit, and Anna Joy is a sweet double barrel.
    Lucy Caroline - I see this pairing quite a lot. I LOVE Caroline, but don't really care for Lucy. I like Lily much more. I think Caroline Lucy would be really sweet, though.
    Jane Victoria - LOVE Jane, but I think Victoria's too drab and classic and maybe even too harsh for Jane. I think something like Jane Ophelia, Jane Octavia, or Jane Aurelia would work a bit better?
    Susannah Joy - I have to say, I like Susanna Jane better than Susannah Joy. Probably just me, though. I think it's the spelling of Susanna vs. Susannah, too, though--I think I'm alone in this, but while Susanna has grown on me (it has this rich, lush, charming feel, like dark chocolate and maraschino cherries!), Susannah definitely has not (it feels very country bumpkin to me, and not in a sweet, quaint, homey sort of way). Susanna feels more classic, so I think Jane pairs with it better. I'm not sure I like Susannah Jane as much as Susannah Joy--Joy gives Susannah a bit of life, but Susannah Jane just makes Susannah AND Jane feel quite drab. To me, anyway. I would love to see Susanna Jane, though.
    Caroline Joy - och, love! It's so sweet and yet so classic. If my beloved Olivia doesn't make it, then this is definitely my second choice. I love it. And Caroline's nns can range from fun and unexpected (Caro! I had a good friend name Caroline nn Caro--I thought it was so cool!) to sweet and familiar (Cara, Callie). I really love Caroline Joy. You could go for something like Cara Joy or Callie Joy as a nn, too.
    Caroline Gloria - meh, I don't love Gloria, but I do like Glory! Caroline Glory is sort of interesting, but I like Joy more...
    Lily Caroline - like a lot! Love Lily, love Caroline. It's a winner, imo!
    Lily Frances - meh, I don't get the appeal behind the Frankie names, but at least it's not Francesca! I hear Francisco and Francesca everywhere around here, it seems. I think it has a huge appeal to the Latino community around here.
    Anna-Grace Evangeline - sweet, and I really like the three names paired together--I'm just put off by the fact that Anna also means "grace", so it's a bit (okay, a lot, in my OCD mind!) overkill.
    Anna Eloise - I've made no secret of my distaste for Eloise, but I sort of like it here. It's like European-chic! Anna Lou/Annie Lou would be a sweet nn, too.
    Eloise Jane - As far as Eloise combos go, Eloise Jane is pretty great. Jane really sleekens it up, it feels like a really chic name.
    Olivia Giovanna - I've made no secret my love for Olivia (and Giovanna!) so I feel like I should love this. Especially since it honors your husband. But meh, it just doesn't work to me. The "V"s are so close together and while I usually like rhymey names like this (Anna Sofia! Anna Lucia! Eliza Marina! Ella Sofia! Liliana Clara!), it just doesn't work for me for some reason. Maybe you could use Giovanna somewhere else? I want you to use Giovanna so bad! It's so amazing.
    Olivia Marie - as a ____ Marie, I have to say no. Please no. Unless Marie has some meaning, it's just so overdone. I hatehatehate that my mn is Marie, and I hatehatehate that it suits me so much so I don't even have an excuse to use it. Olivia is so sweet and beautiful, and Marie's lovely in it's own right, but putting two such popular names together sort of ruins the little sparkle they both have left.
    Olivia Jane - sleek and beautiful. Still my favorite. I would so love for you to have a little Olivia, hahaha. (But this needs no repeating--I've said it quite enough!)
    Hope Genevieve - I love virtue names, but Hope just seems sort of boring to me, for some reason. I like Grace, Verity, and Felicity so much more (even Mercy, and some more unusable virtue names, like Humility, Thankful, and Remember!). I do think Hope Genevieve is nice, but I like Genevieve Hope even more.
    Hope Evangeline - love the idea of you using Evangeline as a MN, but Hope Evangeline doesn't really do anything for me. I love Hero Evangeline, or Hero Emmeline, but I'm guessing the Shakespearean Hero isn't really your thing.
    Grace Caroline - pick number three! I don't know how I didn't discover this before you did, but I adore both names, and I adore them together! Grace Caroline is just so sweet and charming. I can't honestly tell if Emma's name even affects how I see this anymore--it's too gorgeous not to use!
    Madeline Anne - so you say this with the line ending, not the lyn? I like the French Madeleine better, but Madeline is okay. What about Madeline Hope or Madeline Daisy? Madeline Anne doesn't flow that well to my ear.

    Top 5:

    Olivia Jane
    Caroline Joy
    Grace Caroline
    Lily Caroline
    Charlotte Eloise (or Charlotte whatever)

    ETA: Ella Josephine! I don't know how I forgot Ella Josephine when I was making my top 5! As the combos are right now, Ella Josephine would replace Charlotte, but if your combo ever changed, Charlotte might just give Ella a run for her money! Although--I am quite worried that Emma and Ella are too close for sisters...
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    Ash, thank you so much! I am printing this out, so I can go over it with a highlighter
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    Oh, wanted to give you Hubby's top 5

    Grace Caroline
    Ella Josephine
    Anna Caroline
    Olivia Giovanna (but, yes... The V's have me feeling "" though I love how it honors hubby and I adore the meaning.
    Caroline Joy
    ~ "How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers."~ Mother Teresa

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