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    violetta_violetta Guest

    Our baby girl has arrived so soon!

    Our fifth baby was due in August, however she arrived last night 11:34pm, a little under 2 months early. Mum is doing well (this is her husband), baby is safe in an incubator, but the doctors seem to think she will be okay in a few weeks.

    Baby sister to:
    Magdelayne, Mordakai, Moses and Melisande.

    We have also decided on a name for our tiny treasure...
    Magnolia-Rose Coimeah Augusta.

    My wife will do her own update i the next few weeks.

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    Congratulation on your early arrival! She has a lovely name by the way. Just wondering if before you had kids you both choice to do the m theme or it just happened? Good luck with everything.

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    violetta_violetta Guest
    I sort of just happened really- when Maggie was born, she was either going to be Magdelayne or Mordakai, and then we had our first little boy and named him that. With our third, we thought it would be a bit odd if his name started with a different letter, so we names him Moses.

    Quick update, Magnolia-Rose is off the ventilator. Had a little infection last night, but the fantastic doctors have treated it, and our little girl is slowly but surely recovering! Violetta is doing well, should be discharged bye the beginning of next week. Kids visited last night and love their little sister. Missy (Melisande) doesn't quite understand why there's a dolly in the incubator, bless her- we have to keep explainign that its her little sister!

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    Aww, I bet it was a bit of a scare, but I'm so relieved and happy for your family that Magnolia is doing well! Since you already have a "Maggie", I'm really curious what this little one's nickname will be?
    Not so done having children after all. We're not ready for TTC quite yet but when we do get pregnant,the husband handed sole naming rights over to his name obsessed wife!

    Bouncing Baby Boy: Tristan Ambrose * Ambrose Galahad* Gabriel Beauregard
    Little Lady: Genevieve Claire * Josephine Adele * Fleur Josephine * Morgana

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    violetta_violetta Guest
    That was one thing my wife was worried about, its funny that you said that!
    We've decided that if ever Magnolia-Rose decides she wants a nickname, we would call her Rosie.

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