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    Innovative/Meaningful Names Like Tundry

    We are finding out the gender of baby #4 in 20 days. I have plenty of leftover girl names as my three current children were all gender surprises and are all boys. We decided to try something new and find out this time. Anyway, I feel like I am drawn to names ending in -ry this time for some reason. All my kids have very rare and meaningful names that have some sort of nature and/or aquatic reference. I never post their names - it is a weird privacy thing I have, sorry Anyway, I like Tundry Pond in England...I like the name but my husband was skeptical when I said it out loud (I don't worry about that, he was that way the first time I mentioned each child's name the first time which he now loves)...

    Any other names that sound like Tundry? What do you think of Tundry? Blunt, honest feedback is appreciated - I am not one of those people who gets offended when I ask for opinions. I also like the look/sound of Landry and Embry but neither of these names are special/unique/meaningful enough for me...suggestions welcome!!!!

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    Depending on your last name, I think Tundry is a fine, strong, masculine name. Thinking of nature/ aquatic names that end in ry is a bit of challenge.

    Eldery - elder tree
    Guthry - windy spot
    Landry - Land owner
    Yury - farmer
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    Tundry sounds nice, although I agree with paw that it 100% depends on your surname. I don't really have any suggestions, as you seem to like meaningful names... those are ones that I think only you can think of...
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