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    Question Playing House as Cindy Smith

    Just thinking about how much our ideas of glamour and substance change as we age...

    I was a child of the 80's and my sister and I always "changed" our names when we played house. Did anyone else do this? For whatever reason, we always fought over who got to be called Cindy Smith. I don't remember how we decided that this was the penultimate absolutely fabulous name of the universe, but I do remember fighting about it. Maybe it was all those lovely "s" sounds?

    What was your fantasy name as a child? What would it be today? Not for a new baby, but if you could reinvent yourself?

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    My go to pretend name was Kelly and my pretend husband was Zack....I was a Saved by the Bell kid.

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    I wanted desperately to be named Leena or Kiki, for some unknown reason. My cousins always named me Rose when we played house, though I protested ferociously.

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    I always dubbed myself Katie. I loved the names Alyssa and Isabella, but I didn't feel that I had the right type of hair for those names--those are blond-curl names to me.

    But my three sisters and I also pretended to be people we saw on TV shows and little videos that we had, so sometimes we stole the Ingalls' names, for instance, from Little House on the Prairie.

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