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    Does this sibset feel disconnected?

    So, I've kind of fallen in love with this sibset for three girls...

    Hazel Amelia
    Charlotte Elaine
    Genevieve Linden

    ...and the more I look at it, the more odd it looks.

    All of these names are on my long list, and most of them have some sort of special meaning to me. And I like these namesets on their own. But it get's weird when they are put together.

    Hazel Amelia - I think this one's my favorite. Hazel is the name of a character in a book that changed my life, and Amelia is the name of a dear childhood friend. I've considered Amelia Hazel as well, and I'm open to changing it if that's the consensus.

    Charlotte Elaine - Charlotte is one of my favorite names ever, and I like Elaine (I pronounce it ee-LAYNE, not uh-LAYNE) because it reminds me of trendy Eleanor and Elena (eh-LAYNE-uh) without being too common, and it's got nicknames galore: Laina, Ella, all that. And as I said above, I'd probably be open to switching to Elaine Charlotte, though I don't like that one as much.

    Genevieve Linden - Oh, my. This is where it falls apart for me. I simply adore both of these names, but something's just not clicking here. Genevieve feels too froofy next to Hazel and Charlotte. I can't find any nicknames for Genevieve that I like - Vivi is too cutesy for my taste, and Jennie/Jenny/Jen feels dated. But I'm reluctant to do Linden Genevieve because both Hazel and Elaine are firmly feminine whereas Linden is unisex, and I want all three first names to have similar levels of femininity, however much it is.

    I'm open to suggestions of other names as well...

    So if I switch Hazel Amelia to Amelia Hazel, it'll be
    Amelia Hazel
    Charlotte Elaine
    Genevieve Linden

    I like the first two, but that last one just really isn't clicking for me.


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    I love Amelia, Charlotte, and Genevieve! Not a fan of Hazel.

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    1. I really don't think Genevive is too froofy next to Hazel and Charlotte. I think they're a lovely trio. This is my preference, but if you're opposed to all Genevive nns it might be a problem. (OTOH, you don't HAVE to nn. Plenty of ppl go by 3 syllables.)
    2. I also think Hazel, Elaine, and Linden are totally fine. I think Hazel can swing either froofy or non, and Elaine is, to me, NOT are super-feminine name, though certain pink only. Linden is more unisex, but I think it's within the realm of passable. Maybe if it was just with one of the others, it would be bad, but someone the three together seem fine. Are you open to Lindy as a nn? To me, it kind of fits with Elaine, somehow.
    3. If you're open to mix-and-match, I think Amelia Linden, Hazel Genevieve, and Charlotte Elaine is nicely balanced.

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    I can see Hazel and Charlotte (English tea and crumpet pair) as sisters or Charlotte and Genevieve (French connection) but they do seem a bit off when all three are together. The combo Genevieve Linden is too heavy on the "in/en" sound for my liking.
    All the best,

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    I think they sound great together!

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