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    I think they look fine together!
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    I think they all fit together, except Linden stands out. It's a mn and I know it's unisex... but it reminds me of the old, grizzled Lyndon B. Johnson... which stands in contrast to the complete femininity of the other names. Aside from that, I love them together...
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    I have to agree that Linden doesn't really flow with the rest of your names. It's the only unisex name and the other names are all distinctly feminine. I also agree that Hazel and Charlotte and Charlotte and Genevieve are good pairs, but Hazel and Genevive don't mesh as well. I do love Amelia Hazel, though. It's lovely.
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    I do think Amelia goes better with Charlotte and Genevieve, in which case I would work on picking a different middle name for Genevieve.

    On the other hand Hazel and Charlotte work together, in which case you could replace Genevieve altogether. Maybe even Amelia, Charlotte and Hazel?

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    Oh, I just saw the above suggestion of Amelia Linden, Charlotte Elaine, and Hazel Genevieve...even better. Keep all the names you love!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    I can see Hazel and Charlotte (English tea and crumpet pair) as sisters or Charlotte and Genevieve (French connection) but they do seem a bit off when all three are together. The combo Genevieve Linden is too heavy on the "in/en" sound for my liking.
    Not a fan of the unisex Linden. Evie is a cute nickname for Genevieve but it is cutsie like Vivi. I would either try to find another french name to replace Hazel or find a less french name to replace Genevieve. Since you aren't a fan of the nicknames for Genevieve I would find another name to replace that one.

    Looking at your signature all of these work better imo

    Adelaide, Charlotte and Genevieve
    Hazel, Charlotte and Amelia
    Hazel, Charlotte and Meredith
    Hazel, Charlotte and Willa
    Hazel, Charlotte and Fiona
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