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    DW: Emily Maria
    DH: Gideon Felix

    Last name: Lovejoy

    G/G: Hazel Valentina and Violet Edith
    B/B/B/G/G: Charles Humphrey and Sidney Solomon and Flora Abigail and Ramona Sadie (Chas and Sid)
    B/G: Barnabas North and June Pearl (Barnaby)
    G: Georgia Ruby
    B/B/B/B: Leopold Stellan and Theodore Martin and Callum Robert and Thomas Liam (Leo and Ted and Cal and Tom)
    G: Emma Lilly
    G/G/G/G/G: Imogen Linnea and Josephine March and Luna Ava and Rowena Arietta and Kerensa Nora (Posey and Wren)
    G: Prudence Marjorie (Prue)
    B: August Tiberius (Gus)
    B/B: Hamish Tristan and Casper Ethan
    G/G/G/G: Nikola Aurora and Miette Astrid and Callidora Niamh and Beatrice Kai (Calla and Bea)
    G/G: Rose Beckett and Jane Olive

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    DW: Lotte Maria

    DH: Felix Monroe

    Last name:
    Coyle Miller Rice Beckwith Maxwell Briden Martin Wells Price Bernard Baines Billings West Krumm Speedlove Lovejoy O'Neil Lawrence Cowley Hughes Winside Braselton Walsh Bailey Payne Caliguiri Lindsay Fleming

    G/G: Melora Violet and Emilia Oakley

    B/B/B/G/G: Lorcan Sawyer, Harper William, Ellison Bay, Leonie Flora, Neva Barrett

    B/G: Sebastian Keats and Alexandra Pearl

    G: Bridget Mavis

    B/B/B/B: Callum Leopold, Easton Robert, Stellan Theodore, Cooper Morrison

    G: Flannery Jael

    G/G/G/G/G: Imogen Hollis, Rowena Marlis, Arietta Eden, Florence Eva, Linnea Anouk

    G: Marjorie Calla

    B: August Griffith

    B/B: Hamish Luke and Sorrel Shea

    G/G/G/G: Ingrid Beatrice, Astrid Maja, Galilee Grace, Aurora Niamh

    G/G: Jane Beckett and Rose Ellora

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