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    Jun 2013
    12. Dublin

    LN: O'Donaghue
    Maiden name: McCourt

    DH: Lorcan James O'Donaghue
    DW: Ciara Bevin O'Donaghue

    DD/DD: Ruby Iseult O'Donaghue & Lily Róisín O'Donaghue
    DD/DS: Oona Charlotte O'Donaghue & Oscar Rhys O'Donaghue
    DS: Arthur Cillian O'Donaghue
    DS: Callum Jude O'Donaghue
    DD: Aoife Hazel O'Donaghue
    DS: Eamon Rory O'Donaghue
    DD: Zoe Scarlett O'Donaghue

    More kids! (rolled a twelve, oh boy)
    DS: Milo Gabriel O'Donaghue
    DS: Felix Gavin O'Donaghue

    Lorcan & Ciara and their 11 children;
    Ruby & Lily, Oona & Oscar, Arthur, Callum, Aoife, Eamon, Zoe, Milo, Felix
    teenberry -- writer -- drama kid
    Current crushes (constantly changing):
    Girls: Thea, Aurelia, Rosalind, Rose, Rowena, Helena, Hermione, Carys, Clio, Cassia, Viola, Lily, Lila, Lucy, Seren, Maia, Mirabel.
    Boys: Miles, James, Jasper, Jude, Graham, Arthur, Oliver, Leo, Lewis, Wesley, Rory, Rowan, Caspian, Silas, Sebastian.

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    May 2013
    Location: Craggy Island

    DH: Jonathan Eric
    DW: Megan Janaya

    DS1: Benjamin Ruairí
    DS2: Nathan Rhys
    DS3: Joseph Arthur
    DD1: Isabel Kate
    DD2: Saoirse Marianne
    DD3: Rose Amelie
    DS4: Zachary Kyle
    DD4/DD5: Charlotte Eleanor & Niamh Olivia

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    Favourite Names at the moment
    Girls:Veronica, Abbey, Emma, Lily, Cara, Eowyn, Arya, Scarlett, Sofia, Roisin, Imogen, Taylor, Rowan, Elouise, Lucy, Aiobheann, Caerwyn, Caoimhe, Eleanor, Juliet, Jude, Skye, Alexandria, Hazel, Morgan, Alice

    Boys:Daniel, Dominic, Aidan, Kian, Logan, Daryl, Noah, Robbie, Riley, Elijah, Taylor, Joel, Jonah, Luke, Tobias, Lewis, Benjamin, Aaron, Harris, Kellin, Cory, Hugo

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    Apparently I'm a high roller! I kept getting 11s.

    Claire Nicola (Doyle) Hoban and John Stephen Hoban live in Ennis with their sixteen children.

    Amelia Grace Hoban-19
    Malachi Rhys Hoban-17
    Theodora Lara Hoban-16
    Jude Callum Hoban and Maeve Esme Hoban-14
    Gabriel Dillon Hoban-13
    Rose Aisling Hoban-12
    Jonah Patrick Hoban-11
    Lila Annemarie Hoban and Lucas Brendan Hoban-10
    Simon Tate Hoban-9
    Tess Christine Hoban and Annabelle Sybil Hoban-7
    Elijah Cormac Hoban-4
    Toby Eamon Hoban-2
    Evelyn Elouise Hoban-6 months
    Mother to: Patrick Werner (3/10) , Mary Claire (06/12) and Margaret Rose (05/15)

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    Dylan Reese Kieran Lennox Owen
    Avery Quinn Delaney Sloane Lennon

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