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    Ralph, Euphemia and Louisiana. Ralph is just so adorably old fashioned, it reminds of of names like Oscar and Archie. Ralph Waldo Emerson is a fantastic namesake too.

    Euphemia and Eugenia and Euphemie and Eugenie have all been on my mind for a few months. I chose Euphemie for a character in a school project and suddenly it just seemed so gorgeous, french and antique sounding. I've had a soft spot for Eugenia since The Help came out. Effie is also perfect.

    I think most state names are rather tacky, and unoriginal so I don't know why I love Louisiana so much. I was listening to the radio awhile ago and I misread Lauriana Mae on the screen as Louisiana Mae. And it just dawned on me, it's like an elaborated Louise, with a little bit of trendy Ariana at the end. It's a mixture of old french elegance and glamour, and antiquated southern aristocracy.

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