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    Frances after our new pope but for a girl <3, Grace and Aillidh. Patrick, Finnegan and Vincent for a boy.
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    Though this name is well-known in any Disney fan's home, it has never really become a popular name. I believe it flows so well, and presents the image of a pure child. It means "dawn", which makes me think of light, and a new beginning. Also, Aurora Borealis (northern lights) are a beautiful phenomenon. If I were to name my daughter this, however, I believe I would call her Rory for short, because Aurora could be a mouthful, and Rory is a spunky alternative.

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    Is there a name that you've recently fallen in love with? Yes, Reef for a girl.

    Is it a name that was new to you or one that has grown on you gradually? Grown gradually

    Where did you hear it? I saw it on the internet along time ago

    What in particular do you love about it? The sound and imagery of ocean reef
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    Anastasie, Astrid, Ottilie, and Vanessa/Vanesse.
    Anastasie is the French form of Anastasia and so beautiful.
    Astrid sounds spunky and cute!
    Ottilie is frilly and just so pretty. I love it.
    Vanessa is just elegant.

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    Name Crush

    I am severely crushing on Adelaide and Cordelia. I love older names, they sound graceful and dignified.

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