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    What's Your Latest Name Crush?

    Is there a name that you've recently fallen in love with?

    Is it a name that was new to you or one that has grown on you gradually?

    Where did you hear it?

    What in particular do you love about it?

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    I had heard it before in association with mythology, Lilith Fair, and as character names in various TV series/books/comics/anime, but I never really stopped and noticed it until recently and have grown to embrace its powerful, elegant, and slightly mysterious aura as well as the history behind it.

    I like that it's seemingly being reclaimed from the sort of patriarchal seductress/witchy/"bad, disobedient girl" connotation it had before into something more empowering, multifaceted, and interesting. There's something ancient and timeless sounding about it too. My attraction to it is especially surprising considering I usually hate the double-L names...and this is close to Lily, which, while sweet and pretty, is the definition of cutesy and lightweight imo and not my naming style at all.

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    Matisse - for a girl. So sweet and artistic (as its original name bearer, Matisse the artist).

    Phaedra - for a girl. Pronounced "Fay- dra". It just sounds so ethereal and feminine.

    Nisha - for a girl. Pronounced "Nee-sha". Sweet and soft.

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    Lately I'm loving Poppy, Julia, Serafina, and Fiora. And Cosima. I don't think I'd use any of them as FNs, but I just love them as names in general! I'm adding Poppy as a MN for Emmeline, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to fit Serafina, Fiora, and Cosima in. I still love them, though.
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    Alesana and Eliana are the two names I've recently started liking. Eliana I started liking last year when I wanted a longer name for "Ana." I was looking at "Alliannah" but I didn't like all of the long "a" sounds in there. I just love how Eliana isn't too popular and isn't a name that's uncommon. I found Alesana this year because I subscribe to a vlog on youtube and the girl has a daughter Alesana. She took the name from a band, but prounounces it differently than the band does. I like "Al-es-ona" the best. Tbh, I'm not sure what I love about the name. I guess just the sound of it and again with the "Ana" lol.
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