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    would you "invent" your own name?

    Not as in making up syllables and putting them together- but, would you choose a word name that you've never heard of, or stick to those already established by celebrities?

    Asking because I have a tendency to hear a word and get lost in all its connotations, like Laika or Mountain or Ballet, then realize that they're not names.

    edit: is there a way for me to move this to the name talk board? I just realized that it would be more appropriate there.
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    Personally I like names with meaning, depth and history so making one up for myself doesn't really interest me. The pool of names is already enormous and I'm sure that anyone can find something unique that appeals to them. Yes, sounds of names are important but it shouldn't be the only reason to choose a name.
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    Maybe for a middle, but not for a first. I think it's a little selfish of a parent, as a name doesn't belong to you it belongs to your child. I understand the desire, but I don't think it's a good idea.
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    I like the thought of my child having a unique name that belongs to no one but them, but I would still want it to sound like a name. A couple that my fiance and I have been throwing around: Kyella or Kylinna.

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    Sure, if the name I made up was AMAZING and somehow had meaning to me.
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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