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    My new crush as of today is Luna combo Luna Sage.

    I'm a huge HP fan so of course I love Luna Lovegood! I also love Greek and roman names so this fits in with my style. This name seems so literary, romantic and spirited to me! In love!
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    Coraline - I recently saw the movie which I didn't really care for but I fell in love with the name.

    @nomadia - I too love Alberta. There was an actress named Alberta Watson who was in La Femme Nikita and I fell in love with it but, alas, I live in Alberta so it would be hugely corny for me to use. I hope you get to though!
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    Alix has long been a favorite. It's very ancient, but the spelling seems so original.

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    I didn't want to like it... Doesn't fit my quirky name style at all... but I LOVE it!
    I also love the cutesy nickname, Vivi.

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