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    I've never really liked it until today!

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    Recently these names are interesting me:

    Arwen - but I am not a LotR person so I feel like might be odd for me to use it. And maybe too much of a "fantasy girl" sibset with my favorite name Sansa.

    Chiara - I find it very pretty, and nice when written, but am worried about it being too similar to Keira or having a trendy sound to it.

    Carys - I have seen this around a lot recently and I am digging the name.

    Katerina - I am wondering it if it is borderline "too plain" as a variant of the extremely popular Catherine family. Plus I hate the nicknames Kate/Katie and want to avoid them, so I worry Katerina would get them a lot.
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    I am fixated on Charlotte Eve. It's the only name I've been able to think of for days now.

    I also love Fiona, Violet, and Ophelia.

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    Fell in love with Sansa recently. Discovered it through reading A Song of Ice and Fire, and she became my favourite character and favourite name. Sansa has spunk, yet beauty.

    Also Nadia, because it's just so pretty. I discovered it several years ago when I learned how to play the theme song to The Young and The Restless, which is called "Nadia's Theme". It grew on me since then.

    And recently Daphne's been to my liking. I used to hate it, now I love it. I was on tumblr and saw a model named Daphne, and BAM, in love.

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    So I have a lot of new crushes. Most of them being Greek girly names.
    Emmeleia/Emmelia - (Emma-leah) This name is new to me. I found it when researching Greek Orthodox saints. I thought it was so girly and sweet, and bonus it's Greek. With Emma and Emily and Amelia (I think) getting so popular, I think it fits right in with the trend and I've never met anyone with the name. I like it.
    Thea- I've liked Theodora for a while, and I think Thea is a cute nickname. I wouldn't use it on its own, but its so cute as a nickname for any Thea name (Althea, Anthea, Alethea, Dorothea....) I'm liking Thea names now.
    Zoe- This ones here to stay, I think. It has grown on me. I have a grandmother with this name, and I guess it dawned on me how beautiful it is (it means life, isn't that awesome). Now I just have to worry that it doesn't get any more popular.
    Elina- My name is Eleni, and I think this is an awesome variation (its the Sweedish or Finnish variation of Helen, and Eleni is the Greek version). I like that its related to my name without sounding exactly alike. And its so girly and pronouncable, which my name isn't.
    Eirene- I love this name! I've been hearing it all of my life, (Eirene being a Greek Orthodox saint) and I guess I realized how beautiful it is. Its pronounced in Greek Eh-REEN-ee, and the meaning is beautiful (Peace). Since I struggled with pronunciation issues my entire life, I probably would use Irena/Irina and call her Eirene, but IDK I'm a teenager and I'm not having kids for a while.
    My only boy crush is Percy- lets just say I've loved this name since reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians five years ago (I think). So I guess it just finally made its way on my list.
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