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    Calista nn Callie - I saw it in a thread about the nickname Callie and fell in love with it. It has such a pretty sound and I like the history behind it. It dates back a long, long time which I also love in a name.

    Camilla nn Millie - saw it in a thread about the nickname Millie. I had never liked Camille but Camilla sounds so pretty and regal. I also love how it's a saint's name
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    Maeva. I think it's so exotic but not weird and it has components that are all the rage right now- Mae, Ava, etc.
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    Ottilie/Ottilia (but both pronounced O-tih-lee-ah) - I always liked the look of Ottilie, but didn't like the way most people pronounced it. Then the Ottilie here on the boards mentioned that she actually used the German pronunciation of the name, which added an "ah" sound to the end, and suddenly I was in love! We even considered using it for Catherine's middle name, changing the spelling to Ottilia so there was no confusion as to how we wanted it pronounced, but in the end, Ophelia won out. Still think it's a beautiful name, though!

    Theophania - Theodora and Theodosia are nice enough names, but Theophania just makes me swoon! It reminds me a lot of my first name love, Stephanie, and it contains "ph", which shows up in a lot of my favorite names (Ophelia, Daphne, Seraphina, Sophia, etc). I also love the connection to the feast day of Epiphany, which commemorates the coming of the Magi to visit the baby Jesus, one of my favorite stories from the Bible.
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    My name crush of the moment is Alberta.

    It was randomly generated on a baby name app of mine and I'm hooked. I really enjoy it's sound and the idea of Bertie/Birdie as a nickname along with Albie.

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    I'm completely crushing on Persian names lately, which is good (DH is Iranian)...

    Roxana- so spunky and interesting. The name just sounds so different from my normal style that it intrigues me, and it has a great flow. The nn Roxy makes it more plausible for me. I love that she was a strong woman, but not that she killed Alexander's other two wives after his death (and met a tragic end).

    Parisa (Pah-rees-uh)- It feels so light and flowing to me, like it just glides by softly. It's quite different from how I feel about Roxana, which is such a strong name (which I fear could drown an introverted daughter). It's meaning, "like an angel/ faerie", makes it more sweet. I can just imagine yelling out "Pari! ("angel/ faerie")" and having an angelic little girl turn around...

    Soraya- Although I probably won't ever use this (DH thinks it's old), I love how down-to-earth this name sounds despite the stellar meaning. I always imagine a simple, confident, intelligent woman... like a lawyer or human rights activist. The nickname Suri makes it even more attractive to me, as it has a name wearable for a child.

    Maryam- When I was a child, I used to wish my name was Miriam. I recently discovered this variation, which eliminates the 'Meer' sound that was always so unattractive. However, DH said it was his friend's grandmother's name in Iran... so fresh in the US, but ancient in Persia...

    Shirin- The last of my name crushes, I don't actually like the sound of this name. However, I love the story that goes with it... Shirin was a Christian queen married to the Zoroastrian king Khosrau (the last king of Iran prior to the Arab Conquest). They had a wonderful love story with him building gorgeous palaces for her. Unfortunately, their son killed him, which most believe weakened the Persian Empire enough for it to fall to the Arabs. So, I may use Shirin as a mn... but her story is just so lovely and tragic at the same time...
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