View Poll Results: Which MN goes best with Margo?

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  • Margo Cecilia

    30 50.85%
  • Margo Bertrice

    11 18.64%
  • Margo Jean

    10 16.95%
  • Margo Cate

    4 6.78%
  • Margo Viola

    4 6.78%
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Thread: Please Vote!

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    Please Vote!

    Hi Berries-
    Husband and I are tweaking our final baby girl list (fingers crossed!) and we are getting close. I can really feel it this time, I swear! I think we have decided to go with Margo, instead of Margaret, with the nn Margo. We are definitely using the M-a-r-g-o spelling, no 't' on the end. (I know this is disappointing to many of you, but my husband is a simple man and he has put his foot down about this issue. )
    Now, about the mn. I know in my last poll, which was similar to this one, 'Josephine' was the clear winner. However, I'm still not sold. I keep hearing the 'O' in Margo and the 'O' in Josephine and it is bothering me. So, rest assured, Josephine is still being considered, but I've taken it off the list for this poll so I can see if there is a popular second choice.
    Our last name is German, with two syllables and has a harsh 'K' sound in the middle.
    Bertrice is the sentimental favorite and is pronounced Bur-treece, not Burt-ris.
    Thanks so much. As usual, comments are welcome and appreciated.

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    Okay - Here I am again singing the praises of Margo Bertrice.

    Margo Bertrice - Not only a wonderful honor for your mom but it sounds yummy
    Margo Cecilia - second choice, not a huge fan of Cecilia but it softens Margo and sounds nice. Margo Cecily sounds nicer IMO

    Margo Jean - not bad but not great either
    Margo Cate - not my style, I think Margo needs something softer
    Margo Viola - same o problem as Josephine to me

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    I think Margo Cecilia is a great choice! It flows together nicely and Cecilia is just a sweet name.
    Expecting boy #2 this summer

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    Bonnielyn- Always nice to show Hubby I'm not the only one who thinks that!

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    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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